Write, photograph or film for Black Out UK

Since late 2019, we have been reviewing how we deliver content to our readers in a manner and to a standard that respects the time and effort of writers and readers. Without a dedicated site editor and with limited resources, we have reduced the regularity of new content and dedicated more of our available time to community building – using the website primarily to communicate directly about our development, our activities, or to report on BLKOUT events.

We remain committed to sharing ideas and to creating platforms for our diverse voices. We seek to undertake this work more intentionally in the future and to ensure it is properly resourced. We look forward to announcing how we will fulfil this role when we have a more concrete delivery plan. Until then we hope that you will visit and contribute to the other excellent platforms that champion Black queer writers, filmmakers, and photographers.

In particular, we recommend – AZ Magazine and the Black Gay Blog

We also commend the work of Black Gay Ink in supporting the development of Black queer writers and look forward to reading the output from those who attend the highly rated courses

If you have an idea for publication, would be interested in a discussion about how we can best support Black queer men in developing content, or have any questions, please get in touch to find out more blkoutuk@gmail.com