VIDEO: can we talk?

“Selfie-obsessed, avocado toast-chomping, snowflake!” “Property-hoarding, climate-change complacent, bed-blocker!” “Read a book!” “OK. Boomer!” The combination of ever-increasing speed in technological change, rising life expectancy, a period of relative economic stability, the hard-fought-for (yet still unfinished) liberation struggles, the loosening of traditional, restrictive social ties (for many), and the decline of social mobility, means that it is little wonder intergenerational relationships have also been under some … Continue reading VIDEO: can we talk?

Read: But wait . . . did he just call me ‘Daddy?

I never really got the ‘Daddy’ thing. I generally dated guys who were of a similar age to me while looking to older black gay men as potential mentors; gathering hints as to how to navigate growing up in a racist, hetero-sexist, unequal city. Looking for clues as to how my life might be in the future. It had simply never occurred to me that … Continue reading Read: But wait . . . did he just call me ‘Daddy?