#BlackGaySlay: Leon Lopez Doing What I Want To Do

BlackGaySlay continues with the incomparable Leon Lopez; actor, director, musician, and proud Scouser.  With talent to spare and eyes that penetrate, Leon first appeared on the national stage in 1998 as Jerome Johnson in the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside. Since, he has demonstrated versatility as an artist that enables him to cross genres, from television to stage to screen and radio. Leon credits his mother who from … Continue reading #BlackGaySlay: Leon Lopez Doing What I Want To Do

Review: Coming out for the game

‘Come out, come out wherever you are’, British tabloids have dedicated yards of column inches this year exhorting gay and bisexual footballers in the English Premier League to come out. On an almost weekly basis, articles from the likes of The Apprentice mentor and West Ham vice-Chairman, Karren Brady, or out former Leeds football club director, David Haigh, bemoan the lack of out professional footballers. … Continue reading Review: Coming out for the game

Read: Winning ‘Moonlight’

Chudi and Noel, the winners of our ‘Moonlight’ competition, review the film that everyone is talking about I had seen the trailer for Moonlight months beforehand and had been eagerly waiting its release ever since . I was elated when I managed to win a pair of tickets to a early screening via BlackoutUK and B3 Media and the film didn’t disappoint, it depicted the … Continue reading Read: Winning ‘Moonlight’