BlackOut: what’s the big idea?

Black queer men creating the new; shared spaces for shared futures BlackOut disrupts stubborn patterns of social marginalisation, exclusion, and precarity by creating a beacon media brand, digital platform and collaboration hub that connects Black Gay/Bi/Trans/Queer men to each other and mobilises them in actions to support voice, authentic visibility, resilience, wealth, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, health/wellbeing and improved life chances. Why? Until recently many intersectional communities … Continue reading BlackOut: what’s the big idea?

Apply: Your voices, your platform

We are excited to announce our latest initiative – Project BlackoutUK London, a unique opportunity to build connections with a diverse group of black queer/gay/bi/sgl creative men in London, create a shared platform for your voices, build your skills, knowledge, profile and networks, and develop a new way of building communities in which black queer lives matter. Continue reading Apply: Your voices, your platform

Read: But wait . . . did he just call me ‘Daddy?

I never really got the ‘Daddy’ thing. I generally dated guys who were of a similar age to me while looking to older black gay men as potential mentors; gathering hints as to how to navigate growing up in a racist, hetero-sexist, unequal city. Looking for clues as to how my life might be in the future. It had simply never occurred to me that … Continue reading Read: But wait . . . did he just call me ‘Daddy?