BlackOut: what’s the big idea?

Black queer men creating the new; shared spaces for shared futures BlackOut disrupts stubborn patterns of social marginalisation, exclusion, and precarity by creating a beacon media brand, digital platform and collaboration hub that connects Black Gay/Bi/Trans/Queer men to each other and mobilises them in actions to support voice, authentic visibility, resilience, wealth, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, health/wellbeing and improved life chances. Why? Until recently many intersectional communities … Continue reading BlackOut: what’s the big idea?

Long Read: “Who are these Grace Jones looking chicks?” Black Panther: a review

Iggy Pop, remarking on his early Michigan days in The Stooges circa 1967,  suggested American bands could not get arrested at home until the so-called British invasion happened. As Iggy put it, The endorsement of indigenous African American music(s) – the Blues, Southern Soul – by the “parent culture,” in the guise of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, was essential before American critics and … Continue reading Long Read: “Who are these Grace Jones looking chicks?” Black Panther: a review

Long read: Four Wo(ke)men

Nina Simone, a paragon of wokeness, whose personal and professional life suffered due to her dedication to calling out the racism black people faced, offered a collage of black female experiences – the Four Women – whose very existence, voices and stories formed a sense of protest. Inspired by Nina Simone’s Four Women, I contemplate what it might mean to be a ‘woke’ or ‘woke … Continue reading Long read: Four Wo(ke)men