ACTION: Pearl’s Return – Partner Preview

Can you help? If you can see possibilities for partnership, or are able to offer your services (as an individual or organisation) to making the events the best they can be, please use the form below to contact Rob to discuss. If you would like to volunteer to act as a steward, do a shift in the shop, or to help us convene or manage … Continue reading ACTION: Pearl’s Return – Partner Preview


BLKOUT: Welcome to BLKOUT_UK. Tell our readers who you are LLOYD: I’m Lloyd. I’m a 56 year old Black gay man BLKOUT: Where are you from? LLOYD: I was born in Islington, North London . . . My parents originate from Jamaica. They arrived in the UK in the early 1950s – they’re from the group now labelled the Windrush Generation. BLKOUT: Intrigued by the name of … Continue reading WATCH THIS SPACE: LLOYD YOUNG & ‘THE BLACK EXPERIENCE’

All Hail the King

Kingsley King is the Creative Director for JUICE an LGBT event brand that targets a black/urban audience between 18– 45. Kingsley started in 2016 as the main promoter. Over the last two years he secured an array of elegant venues across central London to create the best LGBT parties in the capital and also takes pride in creating  inter-generational spaces with older party goers attending. Kingsley notes: ‘For a long … Continue reading All Hail the King