Revolutionary Love 2

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‘Black men loving Black men is the revolutionary act of the 1980s’ – Joseph Beam

Joseph Beam’s call to action in the face of President Reagan’s administration with its war on drugs, advent of mass incarceration in the prison-industrial complex, HIV/AIDS denialism, and levels of daily police brutality that evaded the scrutiny of social media/smartphone technology that mark current resistance, was vital then.

For us in the UK, with patterns of educational underachievement, comparable disproportional representation  in the criminal justice system, a repeating cycle of underemployment, and, as witnessed this summer during a football tournament, only the  thinnest veneer of anti-racism that evaporates at the first opportunity – Black men remain in need of love in our society.

And to quote the wise sage, Rupaul Charles, ‘if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anyone else?’

A call to Black men to be the change we want to see; to be revolutionary. We’re saying it with our chest – Black men loving Black men is the revolutionary act.

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