Create: Design BlackOut’s Pride 2019 T-shirt and win!!



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Design and win

BlackOut has created T-shirts for the past two Pride seasons and for 2019 would like the design for our T-shirts to continue to reflect the best ideas from our community.

BlackOut T-shirt 2018


The T-shirts can be printed either front or back, in colour or monochrome. The more striking a logo or slogan, the more impact the design will have for both the wearer and those who are checking him out. We will be printing on T-shirts and vests in black, white and grey fabric.

The theme for the 2019 T-shirt design is ‘Black, Out and Proud‘. Judges will consider the entries and the T-shirts will be manufactured and offered for sale on the BlackOut website.

The winner will receive a set of three T-shirts, bragging rights, and £100.

Black queer men, get your thinking caps on, get drawing, and submit your t-shirt design to as a digital image (photo, scanned drawing, graphic) by noon Fri 31st May


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