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It’s time we passed the mic to a new generation – Generation Z it’s your turn


BlackOut is committed to amplifying the voices of all parts of our community – including younger voices. We all benefit when we can share our experiences and learn from each other, so we are inviting

  • Black men and those who define as non-binary, who are
  • Gay/Bi, Trans, Queer or Questioning, and
  • born after 1997,

to create new spaces and connections together.

We’re here to support you; to help find the resources that will make it easier for you to meet each other, to work with you to further develop your skills, and to listen.

We’ve launched BlackOut Queer MenZ as a start, and planned a couple of events that we hope you will enjoy so you can meet others and define how the network should operate. Then it’s over to you. We’ll help you make the network strong and sustainable so that you can support each other and create the future together.

We look forward to welcoming more of you to the BlackOut family.

Register here; tell your friends, join the conversation


Feature film Tangerine premiered at the Sundance Film Festival – all shot on a smartphone! Charlotte Prodger has just won the prestigious 2018 Turner Prize for Art – all shot on a smartphone!

Here’s your chance to join the smartphone filming revolution, get your voice heard, your ideas out there and your creativity recognised.

Multiple award-winning filmmaker Cassius Rayner will be showing you how the phone in your pocket plus your creativity can be all you need to make films that you can be proud of

You’ll be working with the other BlackOut Queer MenZ to share your stories and build up your networks of friends and potential creative collaborators for future projects

There will also be the chance to learn more about BlackOut UK and how you can get involved to develop your skills and take your place as a leader and community builder.

The films you make will be showcased at a special BlackOut event and across our platforms

Click here to join BlackOut Queer MenZ for a one-day creative lab in central London on Saturday 23rd Feb 2019

If you have any questions about BlackOut Queer MenZ, work with a youth group or student group, or would like any further information – please get in touch


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