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2018 is boom time for podcasts – listening hours have surpassed talk radio for the first time as lower barriers to entry mean listeners can find an ever more diverse range of voices. As ever, Black queer men in the UK are ahead of the curve. Introducing you to some of our favourites
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Who are you?

We are Myles, Cashmere and Spiritualbadi. Three young black creatives making our way through life in the big city with big dreams, goals and voices. Myles is a Performer currently in the West End and the biggest Beyonce fan you’ll ever meet. Cashmere is a Beauty blogger, playwright and a hard working single mother with a fast Jamaican tongue. Lastly our own spiritual guide Spiritualbadi, author and free spirit, he will get your chakras aligned in the most ratchet way.

Why make ‘Get The Belt’?

Myles wanted to make a podcast for a while, he wanted a show that celebrates and provides a platform for black achievers, entrepreneurs and black excellence. We all want to uplift, entertain, educate and inspire our community and others by providing unapologetically raw, Black, unfiltered and relatable episodes. ‘Get The Belt’ allows us to do this whilst just having fun with friends and cussing out people that continuously try us!

What have you learned in the process?

That not everyone wants to see you win! But it most definitely opened our eyes to the people in our lives that have shown so much support! We also learned that all it takes it dedication and you can honestly achieve anything!

Why should BlackOutUK readers listen in?

This show is for us, and by us! Anyone who wants to be kept up to date with what’s going on in these streets, if you need a ‘Word Of The Week’ to keep motivated or to better yourself, if you want to celebrate Black Excellence, laugh, be inspired by guest speakers from many different industries… then Get The Belt is a show for you! Also it’s fun and relaxed, especially during the segment ‘Get The Belt’.


We are currently on many Podcast apps, from iTunes, acast, Stitcher, Souncloud and more! if you visit you can select where to listen. We also are on social media @GetTheBeltPod

What’s next?

We just want to continue bringing you weekly shows, and aiding our community to flourish because we are amazing! Who knows maybe a live show down the line 😉

3 Other podcasts you love . . .

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Favourite quotes from your podcast so far . . .

Cashmere: “Don’t let society define who you are. They love to put stigma on single mothers. But us single mothers are the shit!”

Myles: “My Melanin Magnificence goes to Tina and Mathew Knowles. Thank you guys for coming together, and literally cuming together and making a gorgeous, talented blessing, that brings so much fucking joy to the world.”

SpiritualBadi: “We know that we are sexual beings, we know that sexual energy is the energy that conceived us… yet we share it so freely with others”

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