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2018 is boom time for podcasts – listening hours have surpassed talk radio for the first time as lower barriers to entry mean listeners can find an ever more diverse range of voices. As ever, Black queer men in the UK are ahead of the curve. This month, we’ll be introducing you to some of our favourites


Who are you?

Wolves In The City is hosted by Lee Gray, Karnage Kills & Urban Wolf.

Why make ‘Wolves In The City’?

When Urban was approached by the shoutout network to create a podcast, it was a no-brainer for him to create a show that focused on the black queer community. We’re three black queer men at different stages of our life, with different experiences and different points of view. It’s important for us to have the difficult conversations that we believe our community needs to hear, we’re here when you want to learn something, maybe if you need a laugh – our main objective with each show is to make our listeners feel like they are not alone in any experience.

What have you learned in the process?

Creating a show is fucking hard – it’s not just turning up to the studio and getting on the mic! The experiences we’re sharing are very personal and we go DEEP! We were actually strangers before this so it’s been a process getting to know each others personalities – let’s just say the drama on the show is no performance.

Why should BlackOutUK readers listen in?

Wolves In The City  is a complete party! If you’re here to learn something new, sip on the shade, and literally fall out of your chair you’ll want to listen to Wolves In The City. We keep it honest & real and hopefully you’ll be able to see yourself in at least one of us!

How can we find your podcast?

Find us on iTunes, Spotify & aCast.

What’s next?

This week we talking all things sex; from our experiences to taking care of your sexual health with special guest, BlackOutUK co-founder, Marc Thompson.

What other podcasts are you listening to . . .

Busy Being Black

Wanna Be

Basic Biscuits

Favourite quote from your podcast so far . . . 

“Your spirit always knows when you like someone. With Steff London I’ve never actually met her but I wasn’t surprised when I saw the tweets. At the end of the day you’re coming for people in my community and I’ve got something to say because those batty boys you’re talking about I’M ONE OF THEM”  – @KarnageKills

Follow Wolves in The City @WolvesITC

Let us know about the podcasts by and/or for black queer men in the UK are you listening to – we’d love to share


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