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In Charlie’s Angels Troy and his friends started to talk about whether they should be settling down or playing the field

The last time we all went to ‘Da Klub’ was to see Kofi do a PA to promote his single ‘A Man Can Love a Man’.

We all screamed like girls at a ‘One Direction’ concert when he ripped off his top, and threw it into the crowd. Justin dived into the fray to fight for it, and a drag queen called Honey B was nearly trampled. She had to be given a fire-man’s lift out of the fracas by one of the bouncers. Martin said it was the closest that she’d been to a man in years.

After that I didn’t want to go out anymore. I wouldn’t leave the flat. I’d spend days in a onesie watching ‘The Wendy William’s Show’ and eating ice-cream. Then I went through a phase of sleeping around. There was Kris with a K, who was sweet but too young for me. Tunde who was built for sex but that’s all he wanted to do! Clinton, who hung with Big Rob, and his boys who ran Croydon. I thought Clinton was great until I found out he had two baby mothers! Then there was Jamal, a dancer friend of Justin’s. His claim to fame was having danced in a Kylie Minogue video. He was alright, apart from the fact that he had no conversation. Apart from reminding me that he had danced in a Kylie Minogue video.

Ok, sleeping with four guys is not exactly sleeping around but that’s how it felt. They didn’t make me feel good and they weren’t Alex.

The evening had been a great success! We discussed who’s hot, and who’s not! Who’s in, and who’s out, and did our usual putting the world to rights.

Martin had just finished a rant about Donald Trump, telling us that his dad used to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Justin was more interested in Melania Trump, who he said was a former porn star. We agreed she was good looking but wondered how she was going to follow Michelle, as first lady, after she’d thrown it down in the fashion stakes.

Earlier on, we laughed at Kanye West’s hospitalisation, after cursing out Jay Z and Beyoncé for supporting Hilary Clinton. Justin said he was a fool, and Martin said the Kardashians were ‘whores of Babylon’. It was just like old times.

I was starting to think that my little outburst about us settling down, and going out had been forgotten. How wrong I was.

“Listen yeah, I don’t even know what to say. But you know everything I’m gonna say comes with love. You know that don’t you T?” This was his lead up before he came for me.

“We’ve all been tight through the years. You and M are like brothers to me. Family, and family should be able to talk things through even if they’re difficult”.

I looked at Martin, who was eating the salt and pepper ribs very quietly, so I knew he was hanging on every word.

“Thing is” Justin continued “It’s good that you’re talking about relationships, and people settling down. Personally, I don’t feel ready to settle down. Why have a single rose in a vase when there’s a whole garden to enjoy, you get me? I’ve had relationships, and I’m not ready to throw my lot in with anyone, anytime soon”

Technically, what he was saying wasn’t true. Justin had been with guys but they were not relationships, not in the traditional sense. But I stopped myself pursuing the thought, and focussed on what he was saying.

“You know that me and M have been there for you through the most. Even through all the craziness of Alex, although we stayed in the background” What craziness of Alex, what does he mean by that? “We just don’t want to see you hurt again.” Martin coughed then jumped in to take over the baton

“That’s right, chapters need to end, and books need to close” He was wiping his hands on some paper towels, and reaching for the hand cream in his bag. “I think what Justin is trying to say is do you think you’re ready to settle down again?” What does he mean? Think that I’m ready to settle down again? What am I some invalid! Some teenager just ‘coming out’, and jumping into a relationship with the first guy I meet? “Healing, like water finds its own level. Carry on with writing your book, it’s very therapeutic for you” “Yes, how is the book coming on?” Asked Justin. It’s as if they could see I was starting to feel uncomfortable, and were trying to lighten the mood.

“I, I the book? Yes, I” My mind was trying to read between the lines of what they were saying and I couldn’t quite articulate my thoughts. “The book, yes the book” “What chapter are you on?” Said Justin. I didn’t like this ‘good cop bad cop’ thing they were playing, and knew that I had to escape.

I picked up Martins plate of bones, and took it to the kitchen. My head felt hot, so I put it against the fridge door which felt cool. What just happened in there? What are they trying to say? I’m gonna go back in and tell them to go. I just want them to go


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