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The release of Marvel’s Black Panther in the UK in less than 10 days is shaping up to be the pop cultural event of 2018, and possibly the black cultural event of the decade. What do you mean you hadn’t noticed? You’ve got just over a week to get Black Panther ready. . .don’t worry, we’ve got you. Welcome to Wakanda!

What’s it all about?

@NerdGerhl at says – Black Panther is the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring Chadwick Boseman in the title role of a man who is simultaneously a superhero, a king and a religious figurehead. The movie won’t just be an introduction to a new hero, but an introduction to a whole new world of the Marvel Universe, a fictional country with its own rich history and culture. . .  [read more]

More superheroes? What’s new?

For many this is Hollywood finally coming to terms with Africa and Africans. Can you spot the difference?

For many, this film will also be people’s first introduction to Afrofuturism. People have been writing about what an Afrofuturist imagination might mean for public understandings of our histories as well as  our futures. Great minds and writers such as Ta-Nehisi Coates, Roxane Gay (whose invitation to the red carpet premiere must still be in the post) and Nnedi Okorafor have recently been involved with the  Black Panther comic franchise. The chances of Black Panther being part of our ongoing debate about race and racism are exceptionally high.

Anyway, it’s LGBT history month, Black Panther or not, you could do worse than finding out about the inspirational Octavia Butler 

So comics are cool again?

Comics have always been always cool. Where have you been?

You’d better catch up and I can’t think of a better way than with Wu-Tang’s Method Man. Here’s a sneak peek at an interview with him from Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comics about the graphic novels that influenced him during the ’90s.

The programme airs on BT TV Monday 5th Feb on AMC UK – you’ve got time.

Sounds like this is about more than watching a movie?

There is so much going on around the movie in the UK. Here’s just a few from London. You might be too late for the BFI interview with Ryan Coogler, the film’s director, on Feb 9th. But you can still design a Black Panther outfit to wear to the cinema. Join Curlture or Black Ballad or at one of their screenings or the Young Africa Centre for a post-film discussion. And you can join the legendary Handson Family for their Black Panther Party at the Ritzy which is bound to be a roadblock.

You can also contribute to support young black people to see the film in London – following suit with similar efforts in the US.

Ok, I’m down. But what am I going to wear?

The red carpet at the Black Panther premiere was awash with Black Excellence – here are all the looks. The gauntlet has well and truly been thrown





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