Read: Mother knows best?

Troy, a 27-year-old Actor

Mother, a 59-year-old Clinical Psychologist

It is the morning after the night before. Troy arrives at Mothers, looking for tea and sympathy.

Instead Mother opens a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. 


MOTHER:  Baby gurl it’s fine that you didn’t call


TROY:      I wouldn’t normally just drop in like this


MOTHER:  (Pouring Troy another glass of wine) Mother understands


TROY:      I knew you would


MOTHER:  You know that I’m here for you young ones


TROY:      You must think that I’m a mess


MOTHER:  I see someone hurting


TROY:      I’m more angry than anything else


MOTHER:  You’re angry that you’re hurting


TROY:      I just feel stupid. I’m sorry to burden you


MOTHER:  There’s no reason to apologise


TROY:      I’ve been babbling since I arrived


MOTHER:  Is it any wonder


TROY:      He just wouldn’t speak to me this morning which is a bit rich? He’s the one messing around behind my back and he decides to cold shoulder me?


MOTHER:  So, take me back to the fight last night


TROY:      Well, it wasn’t quite a fight, I was asking him about Marlon, and he was denying it. Then when I finally came out with it he went quiet. Just totally clammed up, if that isn’t a sign of guilt I don’t know what is? The more I tried to get him to explain himself, the more he went into himself


MOTHER:  And he didn’t try to defend himself?


TROY:      No


MOTHER:  Or blame Marlon?


TROY:      No


MOTHER:  I see


TROY:      When I got up this morning I thought, he’s slept on it, and has had time to gather his thoughts. Now we’ll talk it through, but he gets up, showers, and is out the door without a bye or leave?


MOTHER:  Poor baby, I can see why you’re upset. You know I had a feeling this morning that something was going to happen. You know how I get that dull pain between my temples. Plus, Mercury is squaring Saturn, in Capricorn.


TROY:      Is that bad?


MOTHER:  I’m afraid it is




TROY:      I feel sick


MOTHER:  Have you eaten?


TROY:      No, I came straight over as soon as Alex left


MOTHER:  Then it’s no wonder you feel sick, drinking Mother’s medicine first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Let me rustle you up some breakfast


TROY:      No, I couldn’t eat a thing but don’t let me stop you


MOTHER:  I’ve already had my expresso, and 5 Marlboro lights


TROY:      (He feigns a smile) guess it’s clear that me and Alex are over


MOTHER:  That’s not for me to say dear


TROY:      You can’t expect us to carry on after what he’s done?


MOTHER:  I expect you to do what’s right for you


TROY:      I’m not sure I know anymore


MOTHER:  Did I ever tell you about the time I attacked my first boyfriend Jim, with a knife?


TROY:      My god!


MOTHER:  Okay, it wasn’t quite an attack more a threaten


TROY:      Was he cheating like Alex?


MOTHER:  Worse, but hold on, we don’t know that Alex, is cheating?


TROY:      It’s what Marlon told me. I wish to god that I’d dreamt it, but I heard it from the horse’s mouth.


MOTHER:  And Alex denied all knowledge of having gone out with Marlon?


TROY:      He said that it was just ‘a thing’


MOTHER:  I need another glass to help me think straight


                     He pours himself another glass and offers to refresh Justin’s glass but Justin refuses


MOTHER:  Don’t be afraid to feel what you’re feeling. You might need to rebalance your root chakra


TROY:      All I can feel is anger


MOTHER:  Good, it means you care. But I’m still intrigued as to your piece in the puzzle


TROY:      How do you mean?


MOTHER:  I wanna know what’s going on for you?


TROY:      For me?


MOTHER:  Yes, it’s interesting that you picked last night to start such an important conversation




MOTHER:  Work with me, we all know that Alex is a stickler for going to bed early, and yet you decide to have a heavy discussion


TROY:      You don’t know him. Sometimes I have to wait until he has finished all his school work, and unwinds before I can get any sense out of him


MOTHER:  You’re missing the point


TROY:      Surely the point is my boyfriend has a fuck buddy that he forgot to tell me about




TROY:      MMmm? Mother you’re supposed to be on my side


MOTHER:  And I am, which is why I’m trying to get you to observe your actions


TROY:      I was trying to get to the truth!


MOTHER:  True, but we need to pick our moments


TROY:      Anyone would think that it was all my fault


MOTHER:  It takes two to Tango


TROY:      I’m the one whose……..


MOTHER:  Try some active listening, I’m just saying that maybe the situation could have been handled differently


TROY:      Fine. I could have handled it better. But it’s done now, finished, game over


MOTHER:  And here’s something else to consider. Maybe it’s for the best


                     Troy looks stunned at what Mother just said


TROY:      Do you think so?




TROY:      Wow, I wasn’t expecting that


MOTHER:  No, you were probably expecting the poor Justin speech, about what a dog Alex is, and how he’s disrespected you


TROY:      I thought maybe….


MOTHER:  And what a bitch Marlon is for doing that behind your back. Then we’d probably go on and decide to completely blame Marlon and get Alex off the hook. No, I think Marlon, and Alex have done you a favour


TROY:      Really?




TROY:      Why?


MOTHER:  Where do I start? Well for one Alex is way too old for you


TROY:      There’s seven years between us that’s not…..


MOTHER:  Plus, you’ve always said that Alex is your first serious boyfriend


TROY:      That’s true but……


MOTHER:  So, it’s obvious


TROY:      What is?


MOTHER:  That you need to play the field a bit before settling down




TROY:      You really think so?


MOTHER:  Absolutely


TROY:      (Disappointed) oh


MOTHER:  So that’s that settled.


TROY:      Erm….


MOTHER:  You said that you were staying at Tunde’s tonight well that’s a good move. Get away from Alex, don’t spend another day under the same roof as him


TROY:      But….


MOTHER:  No buts chile. Move out, and don’t look back




MOTHER:  Are you sure you don’t want any more wine?




TROY:      I’m speechless


MOTHER:  There’s really nothing else to say


TROY:      Move out?


MOTHER:  Immediately


TROY:      I was just going to stay at Tunde’s, and


MOTHER:  And have Alex come running after you and beg you to come back? No, listen to Mother, Mother knows. Leave him!


TROY:      But what about Alex?


MOTHER:  What about him?


TROY:      He’s no good on his own


MOTHER:  Well he should have thought about that before he started messing around behind your back


TROY:      I don’t think you’re being fair


MOTHER:  I’m only going on what you’ve told me


TROY:      Yes, but there’s more to Alex than that


MOTHER:  He’s a cheater, a two-timing adulterer


TROY:      Don’t say that


MOTHER:  But you said………..


TROY:      I said a lot of things. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m saying let alone thinking. I feel confused. He’s not perfect I’ll be the first to say that but he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’ve learned more from him in our first six months than all the other guys I’ve known put together. Yes, he’s got his ways, but he doesn’t mean any harm. He doesn’t even know what he’s doing half the time he’s so caught up with his school work. He really cares about those kids, and I care that he cares. Who’s going to care for him if I move out? Who’s going to make sure that he remembers to eat when he has all that marking to do? Or take him away for a weekend to recharge when he’s exhausted? No, you’re wrong Mother, normally I respect your judgement but this time your way off beam. I know that our situation looks bleak but there’s got to be a way forward. I’m not going to throw away our five years together fuck buddy or no fuck buddy


MOTHER:  Are you quite finished?


TROY:      Yes, I think I’ve said all I want to say. I can’t believe this, normally you’re so empathetic, and yet here you are hating on Alex! Well I’m not having it. Not until I’ve got him to open up, and fully heard his side of the story


MOTHER:  Well, if that’s how you feel


TROY:      It is




TROY:      I’ve taken up enough of your time


MOTHER:  If you say so


TROY:      I’ll get me coat


                   Troy leaves the room to get his coat


MOTHER:  (Quietly to himself) mother you’re a genius!


                    Troy returns


TROY:      I’m going then


MOTHER:  Okay hon


TROY:      (Searching his pockets) Have I got everything?




TROY:      Did you really mean all those things you said about Alex?


MOTHER:  What things are those dear?


TROY:      That I should leave him immediately




TROY:      Then why……


MOTHER:  I needed to know how you really felt about him. You arrive here this morning saying that you hated him. Then you end up by defending him. You wouldn’t even join me in trashing him


TROY:      You deliberately….


MOTHER:  I deliberately wanted to know how you felt, and it seems to me honey child that you still love that man. And when we love someone as fine as Alex we need to fight for them


TROY:      But…


MOTHER:  No buts! Go and talk to him, go and hear his side. Then decide if your relationship is worth saving


TROY:      (Relieved, and close to tears) mother, I don’t know what to say


MOTHER:  Sometimes words are not necessary. Now hug Mother and run along


They embrace, and Troy exits


MOTHER:  (Smiling to himself) I think that deserves another glass of wine. My work here is done


fullsizerender-1 Troy BlackOut

Troy doesn’t have a recent thumbnail because:
 A) He’s wanted in seven states
B) He looks like Quasi-modo
C)  He’s shy
D) He’s an aspiring writer who prefers to be invisible so that he can people watch




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