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In The Beginning of The End, Troy confronted Alex about trust in their relationship. It didn’t go well . . .

Alex, a 32-year-old Teacher

Marlon, a 30-year-old Car Mechanic

It is the morning after the night before

Alex has gone to Clapham Common, knowing that it’s where Marlon goes to Jog.

He hides behind a tree, and watches Marlon run his usual circuit, then steps out as he approaches 

ALEX:         Marlon

Marlon looks startled to see him. He hesitates, then turns and runs away

ALEX:         Marlon!

Alex takes after him

ALEX:         Marlon stop!

Marlon stops running. Alex walks towards him then rushes him, knocking him to the ground, and sitting on top of him 

MARLON:  Get off me 

ALEX:         Start talking

MARLON:  What you on about? 

ALEX:         Don’t act the fool 

MARLON:  I said get off me

ALEX:         What you been saying to Troy?


ALEX:         I swear if you don’t stop . . . 

MARLON:  What you gonna do beat me?

ALEX:         Stop acting crazy 

MARLON:  (He stops struggling, and smiles) I like you sitting on me, it’s like old times 

ALEX:         (Grabbing him by the throat) why did you do it?

MARLON:  (Pushing his hand away) Man gone crazy for true!

ALEX:         What made you say that to him?

MARLON:  Is this about that little boi you’re seeing?

Alex raises his fist to strike but Marlon being stronger flips him over and ends up sitting on him  

MARLON:  I was always stronger than you. You should try going to the gym yourself, instead of sending your boi there to beef up.

ALEX:         Tell me why you lied to him?

MARLON:  (Leaning in, as if to kiss him) You’re horny when you’re angry. You’re outta of shape, but I still would 

ALEX:         Get up! 

Marlon doesn’t move 

ALEX:         Why would you do such a stupid thing?

MARLON:  Remember how we used to be? 

ALEX:         That was in another life 

MARLON:  I remember how you liked the ting, liked it good 

ALEX:         That was then, this is now 

He struggles, eventually Marlon gets off him and tries to help him to his feet. But Alex pushes his hand away

MARLON:  Is this what love do, make a man mad? 

ALEX:         You’ll never know what love is

MARLON:  I think I’m glad 

ALEX:         Stop fucking around and tell me why you lied to Troy?

MARLON:  Because I could 

ALEX:         You twisted fuck! 

MARLON:  Eh, eh language. It wasn’t like that.

ALEX:         What was it like?

MARLON:  I said it as a joke 

ALEX:         Who jokes like that?

MARLON:  We were talking about the wedding, and I said it wouldn’t stop me having fuck buddies. And he said like who? So, I said fuck buddies like Alex! It was just a joke but his face, his face was a picture! I knew it burned him 

ALEX:         And you enjoy hurting people

MARLON:  I swear, as god is my witness it was just a joke. But his face . . .

ALEX:         If you knew he was hurt why didn’t you tell him the truth? 

MARLON:  I was in shock 

ALEX:         Shock? 

MARLON:  Shocked that I enjoyed having that power over him 

ALEX:         What has Troy ever done to you? 

MARLON:  I know, me and you dun from time, and here was this boi still believing that we were doing a ting

ALEX:         No, you fool, it’s not because he thought we were still doing a ting 

MARLON:  Then why him face drop so? 

ALEX:         It’s about trust, it’s one of his big things. Why am I even trying to explain? 

MARLON:  Because love turn you fool, It’s why you’re here early marnin 

Alex turns and starts walking away

MARLON:  Wait up

He follows after Alex 

ALEX:         (Half speaking to himself) all night he was building up to it, and I didn’t even think about you, why would I? He kept fishing and going round and round, and I’m such a dick I didn’t catch on. 

MARLON:  What you talking about?

ALEX:         You, you fucking idiot you’ve ruined everything 

MARLON:  Language! I can’t broke up what’s already broken

ALEX:         What’s that supposed to mean? 


MARLON:  It means don’t come running to me crying if your man don’t trust you 

ALEX:         I’m here because you told him a fucking lie 

MARLON:  Can we stop with the language?

Alex walks up to him so that he’s in his face 

ALEX:         I’ll stop with the language when you stop fucking with my relationship 

MARLON:  For the last time, it was a joke

ALEX:         Yeah, we’re both in hysterics 

MARLON:  What you gonna do?

ALEX:         What am I going to do? 

MARLON:  I’ll talk to him when I next see him in the gym 

ALEX:         Thank you! At last we’re getting somewhere. What you going to say to him? 

MARLON:  That it was a joke

ALEX:         Could you just expand on that a little bit please

MARLON:  That it was a joke, and that we are not fuck buddies, although we were 

Alex looks at him and shakes his head 


MARLON:  You never complained 

ALEX:         Bye Marlon, carry on with your jogging, or whatever else you do to keep your mind off sex 

MARLON:  That’s the difference between us 

ALEX:         What? 

MARLON:  I’m not uptight about sex. I was never “we can only have sex here” or “at this time”. Or when “Mr Alex has finished his school work” 

ALEX:         You finished?

MARLON:  Man, I ain’t even started 

They pass a park bench. Alex, sits down 

ALEX:         What is wrong with everyone? 

MARLON:  Maybe it’s not everyone, maybe it’s you 


MARLON:  I just want you to know that if you ever want to start up again 

ALEX:         Yes, I’ve got the message. Oh, by the way how is Dwayne the man you’re about to marry?

MARLON:  Don’t try that bullshit, Dwayne knows what he’s getting into 

ALEX:         Course he does, what was it Troy said? Something about not eating at the same table or at the same lunch time or something stupid 

MARLON:  Some people too clever for dem own good 

ALEX:         (Standing up) Just promise me you’ll talk to Troy 

MARLON:  And get you off the hook? 

ALEX:         To clear up the mess you’ve started 

MARLON:  I might

ALEX:         You will

MARLON:  What’s in it for me?

ALEX:         Do you never stop?

MARLON:  I remember when you didn’t want me to

ALEX:         Oh, please 

MARLON:  What you too nice now? 

ALEX:         Just drop it Marlon! I’m with Troy 

MARLON:  If he already thinks you’re messing around doesn’t that cover us? 

ALEX:         Are you serious? 

MARLON:  Like a heart attack


ALEX:         There is no us, just forget it

MARLON:  One last time, it will be like a wedding present

Do you remember this?

He unzips his tracksuit top to reveal his pecs, and washboard stomach

ALEX:         Jesus

MARLON:  I’m even more chiselled now

ALEX:         Are you for real?


ALEX:         After all I’ve said? 

MARLON:  Maybe because of everything you’ve said 

ALEX:         I don’t get it 

MARLON:  You over think 

ALEX:         I’m talking about saving my relationship, and you’re talking about having sex

MARLON:  You confuse things, as if everything is linked to everything else 

ALEX:         It’s called trust Marlon, go and look it up 

MARLON:  I call it how to complicate tings by pretending we’re doing the right ting


ALEX:         And the right thing to you is always doing what you want? 

MARLON:  I know what I like and how I like it?

ALEX:         You haven’t changed one bit

MARLON:  It’s my way

ALEX:         Even if people get hurt? 

MARLON:  I’m not responsible for people

ALEX:         Shall I unzip now, so we can do it out here in the open?

MARLON:  You can come back to mine. Watch me shower, what happens, happens 

ALEX:         I’m gone! Stay away from me and Troy 

MARLON:  I thought you wanted me to bail you out

ALEX:         I changed my mind. I don’t want anything from you 

MARLON:  Maybe your boi’s playing you. Making noise about you messing around when maybe it’s him. Have you thought about that? I know dem games, played them myself.

ALEX:         Laters

MARLON:  Does it really matter who we have sex with as long as we’re honest about it? 

ALEX:         (Stopping and turning) that’s what he said 


ALEX:         The guy I want you to stay the fuck away from

Alex continues walking back to his car 

MARLON:  You know your trouble Alex? 

Alex gives him the finger without even turning around

MARLON:  You swear too much




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