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In Only One Night Troy began to deal with falling out with his friends Justin and Martin

It felt like I’d sleep walked through Christmas and New Year

All I remembered was the constant round of family gatherings, and noticing how my nephews were getting taller, and my aunts and uncles older.

I was still the ‘only gay in the village’ in my family. Still the only one of my siblings without a partner.

Memories came back of the first time that I brought Alex. to my parent’s house, for Christmas dinner. My dad gave him the honour of carving the turkey, a big deal in my family. Alex started by thanking my mum for preparing such a beautiful meal. Then he said “the love of a family flows strong, and deep. Leaving us memories to treasure and keep”. I thought I’d burst with pride.

For the first time in years I didn’t spend any of the festivities with my friends Martin and Justin. Things were still funny between us since they disrespected me in my own flat. Well, that’s my version of events! I haven’t heard from either of them since, so it was clearly now a ‘thing’! Fine if that’s how they want it! I’ll keep myself to myself. But if they think that I’m going to pick up the phone first, they’re in for a long wait!

Truth is, my life is a lot quieter now. No stream of phone calls, text messages, emails, Instagram’s, or Snapchat. I don’t miss Martin sounding off about ‘main stream media’ trying to rubbish Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Or Justin dissing Mariah Scarys new reality show.

But, I did miss our usual Christmas routine. Like, fighting through tourists to do our Christmas shopping in Regent Street. Our visit to Hamley’s where Justin would go crazy, and play amongst the toys. Our ride on the London Eye that I always found boring but Martin has a thing for heights. Then there was our annual visit to Somerset House for the skating and club nights.

If we were ‘Charlie’s Angels’ then the ‘Destiny’s Child’ song ‘Independent Women’ was now my theme song. And who doesn’t like it, can kiss my black ass.

New year, new attitude! The quietness has allowed me time to think, and I know exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to get myself laid!

I’d made the mistake in the past, of trying to rush into another relationship after the spilt from Alex. Now, I don’t care about being in another relationship. It’s all about the sex, and I just want to get physical!

My victim, although he doesn’t know it yet, is the Security guard in Body Shop. Justin, had told me a while back that he was ‘on’. To make sure, I used Alex’s sister Ebony, as a shield, to go into the shop and check him out.

He was fit! Bit of a ‘daddy type’ which is not my usual flava. But Justin said that he was of Nigerian/Jamaican mix, so safe to say he was packing!

I studied him closely while we were in the shop. He clearly wasn’t interested in Ebony, even though she was dressed to the nines, and looked like she had just stepped off the cat-walk. I caught him eyeing me a few times, and when we were leaving he winked at me.

After a long bath, I doused myself in some new Christmas aftershave, then put on my Diesel jeans, white t-shirt, white trainers, and dark blue hoodie. I felt uncomfortable because the jeans were so tight, you could see what my mama gave me. But no pain, no gain! I tried to top the outfit off with a pair of mirrored sun glasses. But it was a step too far, so I took them off again.

I was now moisturised, scented, and dressed. So, scented I smelt like a cheap whore. But, I didn’t care, I was on a mission to get me some man juice. I was ready, and willing for the security guard to put a little sugar in my bowl.

The festivities had left me feeling frustrated, and pent up with all the sense of duty and obligation. I needed to break free, and reassert my independence!

I pulled on my jacket, then reached for my keys and mobile phone. There was a text message. It was Justin, three words in capitals


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Troy doesn’t have a recent thumbnail because:
 A) He’s wanted in seven states
B) He looks like Quasi-modo
C)  He’s shy
D) He’s an aspiring writer who prefers to be invisible so that he can people watch
 . . . One of these is true

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