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In Stubble Troy sought solace in the arms of a stranger . . .

I was in Tesco minding my own business, when I felt a tap on my shoulder, and a “Eh gurl”

It was Carlton, also known as the ‘News of the World’ because he loved to chat people’s business.

He was wearing a long black woollen coat with matching hat.

“How’s Alex” he smiled, knowing full well that me and Alex were over.

“Carlton, I’ve told you a thousand times that I’m no longer with Alex”

“Shame” he said looking me up and down.”You two were cute together”

He then proceeded to tell me about the latest Janelle Monae video, and started to show me the dance moves right there in the fruit and veg aisle. It was at this point that my mind drifted off, and I thought back to my last night of drama with Alex . . .

ALEX:         Put the light out

TROY:        In a minute


TROY:        Guess what?

ALEX:         What?

TROY:        No guess

ALEX:         Guess what?

TROY:        Who do you think is getting married?

ALEX:         I don’t know 

TROY:        You’re not trying, guess?

ALEX:         It’s easy

TROY:        Who?

ALEX:         Prince Harry, the ginger Prince 

TROY:        Wrong! 

ALEX:         Who then? 

TROY:        Guess?

ALEX:         Guess yourself, I need some sleep 


TROY:        Marlon 

ALEX:         Marlon? Marlon Jeffrey?

TROY:        The very same

ALEX:         Serious?

TROY:        Yass!

ALEX:         Don’t say Yaas, you know I don’t like it

TROY:        Proper full on civil partnership

ALEX:         Fancy that 


ALEX:         I thought we agreed no scratch cards in bed 

TROY:        I’m doing them on the newspaper (beat) so what do you think of that? 

ALEX:         I just wish you wouldn’t do them in the bedroom 

TROY:        No, I mean what do you think of Marlon getting married? 

ALEX:         I’m surprised 

TROY:        I love a wedding! Chance to dress up, party down eat their food

ALEX:         Who is he getting married to?

TROY:        Dwayne 

ALEX:         The one who always wears sunglasses? 

TROY:        Yep 

ALEX:         There’s something not right about someone who wears sunglasses at night

TROY:        Shit! 

ALEX:         What?

TROY:        I had two £250,000’s then I scratched £25

ALEX:         Shame! Now put the light out, I’ve got an early start

TROY:        You’ve always got an early start! There are other things we can do in bed you know 

ALEX:         What like scratch cards?

I dig Alex in the ribs

TROY:        Didn’t you used to go out with Marlon? 

ALEX:         No

TROY:        I heard you did 

ALEX:         It was just a thing

TROY:        Really? 

ALEX:         Yes really, now put the freakin light out 

I sigh, and put the scratch cards and newspaper down on the bedside cabinet. I use a wipe to clean my hands then moisturise them before putting the light out and cuddling into Alex

TROY:        I didn’t know Marlon was your type. We look nothing alike

ALEX:         I don’t just date the same guys you know

TROY:        How long was your thing with Marlon?

ALEX:         It’s late 

                  He kisses me

ALEX:         Good night, see you in the morning


ALEX:        Troy, get your hand off it 

TROY:        Don’t you want to fool around a bit? 

ALEX:         No

TROY:        It will help you sleep

ALEX:         I said no, I’ve set the alarm for 6


TROY:        Would you still do Marlon?

ALEX:         What is wrong with you? 

TROY:        He’s fit, they both are 

ALEX:         How do you know?

TROY:        I see them

ALEX:         Where? 

TROY:        In the showers? 

ALEX:         (Shocked) what?

TROY:        At the gym 

ALEX:         Oh! Do you talk to them?

TROY:        Sometimes

ALEX:         You never mentioned it 

TROY:        There was nothing to mention until they told me about the wedding


TROY:        Do you remember what it was like fooling around with Marlon?

ALEX:         Alex is now in a deep sleep, and can no longer hear your stupidness 

TROY:        I bet they’re both having sex right now

ALEX:         What the hell’s got into you? What part of “I want to sleep” don’t you understand?

TROY:        The part where you speak to me like a child

ALEX:         Well if you’d shut up I wouldn’t have to speak to you

TROY:        You shut up!

ALEX:         (Raising his voice) Right

Alex sits up and puts the light on

ALEX:         I know how you get, here put your hand on it!

Be quick!


TROY:        I don’t want to now

ALEX:         Troy you’re making me vex

TROY:        I don’t want to when you’re all vex, and your face is push up, push up

ALEX:         (Raising his voice) can we just sleep!

TROY:        I don’t know who you think you’re raising your voice to

ALEX:         Sorry, let’s just cuddle. I’ll set the alarm for 5.30 and we’ll have some fun in the morning




ALEX:         Troy?

TROY:        I’m only trying to tell you about Marlon, and you’re getting all vexed up in my face

ALEX:         I said I’m sorry

TROY:        I’ve never seen him so happy. He said the reason him, and Dwayne had such a good relationship now is because it’s based on trust 

ALEX:         I should hope so if they’re getting married

TROY:        He said they’ve arrived at a special place where they’re always open and honest

ALEX:         Good for them

TROY:        Open, as in they have an open relationship

ALEX:         Oh, (dawning realisation) oh, as in

TROY:        Yep

ALEX:         Interesting! 

TROY:        Is that all you’re going to say?

ALEX:         Lots of couples have open relationships 

TROY:        We don’t 


ALEX:         No, we don’t but this isn’t about us

TROY:        He was raving about how the trust has taken away a lot of tension

ALEX:         All relationships should have trust

TROY:        I know! I’m just saying




ALEX:         Is that all you’re saying?

TROY:        Is there nothing else you want to say about it?

ALEX:         Not unless there’s something about it that interests you?


ALEX:         Are you trying to say without saying what I think you’re saying?

TROY:        I’m trying to discuss it

ALEX:         There’s nothing to discuss

TROY:        Alex you know I love you all the way but maybe….

ALEX:         So, you’ve been thinking about it?

TROY:        What we have is great but maybe it could be even better

ALEX:         Why are you releasing this on me? Are you asking for an open relationship?

TROY:        I’m asking for a discussion

ALEX:         No!

TROY:        No, you can’t or no you won’t?




ALEX:         I’m going to sleep on the couch

TROY:        Typical Alex, do what you always do, and run away when things get real

ALEX:         Fuck off Troy


                  Alex gets out of bed and makes for the door


TROY:        If you leave this bedroom I’ll…..

ALEX:         (Angrily) you’ll what?

TROY:        You see; I can’t even talk to you when you’re like this


ALEX:         Why are you doing this? 

TROY:        If you loved me or had any respect for this relationship . . . You’d stay and talk!

ALEX:         What for? I’m happy as we are! But if you’re not, I’m not forcing you to be here

                  I laugh

ALEX:         Is this funny to you?

TROY:        I’m not laughing at you. It’s something Marlon said. I asked him how he knew, how he really knew that an open relationship was right for him, and he said;

“Everyone’s got to eat but we don’t all need to eat at the same time or from the same table”

Isn’t that a strange thing to say?

ALEX:         Sex is not like eating food? 

TROY:        Does it really matter who we have sex with as long as we’re honest about it? 

ALEX:         Is this who you are now? God, what happened to the Troy I fell in love with?

TROY:        He’s here trying to communicate with you


ALEX:         What we have is not something I want to share with every Tom, Dick and Harry

TROY:        It’s both our relationship, not just yours

ALEX:         How long have you felt like this?

TROY:        A while

ALEX:         How longs a while?


TROY:        Since talking to Marlon

ALEX:         So why didn’t you say something?

TROY:        I’m trying to now, I’ve tried numerous times

ALEX:         I never noticed

TROY:        Exactly

ALEX:         So, what it’s my fault now?

TROY:        I didn’t mean that

ALEX:         It’s not my fault you want to whore it out

TROY:        (Hurt) I can’t believe you just said that. Go and sleep on the couch Alex, I’m not going to have a knocked down drag out fight with you


ALEX:         Is there someone else?

TROY:        No 

ALEX:         Has there ever been anyone else?

TROY:        No

ALEX:         Then why now, what have I done?

TROY:        I just got triggered after talking with Marlon. It really shook me up, and it got me thinking. Imagine you see a really hot guy, and I’m out of town or I’m not feeling like sex. You would be able to weigh up the situation, without discussing it with me, and decide if you wanted to sleep with him

ALEX:         As a one off?

TROY:        Yes

ALEX:         What if I wanted it to be more than a one off?

TROY:        Then, we’d need to negotiate. That’s the important part

ALEX:         So, one off I don’t discuss it, more than once, I do?

TROY:        Something like that

ALEX:         You don’t seem sure

TROY:        Every situation is going to be different


ALEX:         I’m tired. I’m gonna feel like shit in the morning (beat) I feel like shit now

TROY:        Sorry


TROY:        Let’s not sleep apart; we can work this out

ALEX:         You’re assuming I want to

TROY:        Don’t you?




TROY:        Alex?




TROY:        Maybe you should think about everything I’ve said. I’ve tried to give you space to be open and honest. Marlon didn’t just tell me about the wedding or that they have an open relationship. He also told me that you, and him are still fuck buddies




fullsizerender-1 Troy Blackout

Troy doesn’t have a recent thumbnail because:
 A) He’s wanted in seven states
B) He looks like Quasi-modo
C)  He’s shy
D) He’s an aspiring writer who prefers to be invisible so that he can people watch
 . . . One of these is true

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