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Watch this space introduces new faces and new voices. This month we catch up with the guys from The N-Word Podcast


Blackout: Who are you?

N Word Podcast: Simbojune

B: Where are you from?

NWP: London & The South East

B: No, where are you really from, lol?

NWP: I’m Jamaican and Vincentian but the co-hosts comprise many different backgrounds including Sierra Leonean, Scottish, Vincentian & Nigerian.

B: What is The “N” Word Podcast?

It’s a podcast to listen to current affairs and issues from a Black, Gay, Masculine Male point of view. The N word stands for News, Nostalgia and Nonsense and we talk about everything from #blacklivesmatter to sexual roles in relationships.

B: What’s new?

NWP: Our episode! A brand new episode of the podcast is up on Saturday 5th November. It’s a compilation episode which highlights some funny, interesting and touching moments since the podcast started earlier this year.

B: What got you started?

NWP: For me, I just wanted an outlet. We rarely have those meaningful conversations of substance and focus more on gossip and day to day life when meeting with friends. I used to run a debating society and since then there’s been a void in stimulating dialogue. So it started just as a way to fill that void.

B: What do you have to say that needs to be heard?

NWP: We feel as though there is a gap in media for Gay, Black, Masculine Men. According to mainstream media we just don’t exist. So just being present says enough. In addition, as the name suggests, we have A LOT to say when it comes to race and sexuality.

B: How do people listen in?

NWP: iTunes podcast app or on Soundcloud. Just simply search The “N” Word Podcast in either application or click the links below. We publish episodes the first Saturday of every month.

B: What’s next?

We’d love for more people to know there’s a growing media for Young, Black, Masculine, Gay Men. It’s not about making this lucrative or even making a massive social impact. It’s about giving the audience an insight into our world.


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