In March 2020, when Lockdown started we launched The BlackOut HUB and started to share tips for each other on self care.

By April we realised that we were creating content that wasn’t available anywhere else. We were also creating content that was a bit random and not always in line with the values and messages that would lead to our liberation – just to a series of bubble baths and guilt foam . . .

Looking further we found a model of self care that made more sense to us in that it didn’t suggest cocooning yourself away from those around you and fuelling the luxury goods markets, glamping in yurts, or guzzling king size chocolate fudge cake.

Self care could be community facing, and supportive of others at the same time as fulfilling our human need for connection.

Basing our topics (loosely) on the senses, every fortnight we gave a couple of suggestions for each of the 4 kinds of self care for our topics

  • Dreams and Visions
  • Taste
  • Just Listen
  • Assemble
  • [Lockdown looks like its over before we get onto smells . . .!]

HUB members were asked to comment on each and make additional suggestions about what they had been inspired to do

Now, it would be great to be able to finish the self care guide – in case there is a second wave of lockdown – but more importantly because it shouldn’t take a global pandemic to get us to look after ourselves and each other.

Thanks for taking on the topics that Mark has suggested to you – complete the template in a similar manner to the example given – add your flair and touch – and let’s support our community in finding our own solutions and supporting each other.

Click on the yellow link to be taken to a web published version or work directly in the paper below

Really looking forward to seeing what emerges from your interpretation and input