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Congratulations are due to Cherish Oteka on the launch of BAME LGBT Voices her series of short films in association with Stonewall and to Campbell X and Kayza Rose, the team behind the short documentary VISIBLE that opened the Scottish Queer Film Festival earlier this week.

We see you. Thanks for helping us to see us.

How do Queer people of Colour (QPOC) find out about our history? How can we know about our history when so much becomes myth and gossip or when historians research through a Eurocentric ciscentric heteronormative paradigm? VISIBLE explores the challenges of QPOC history. VISIBLE is directed by Campbell X and produced by Kayza Rose


Stonewall has launched ‘BAME LGBT Voices’, produced and directed by Cherish Oteka.

This series of short videos explores and celebrates the diverse experiences of black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT people. The films feature a range of BAME LGBT identities and cover a variety of themes including religion, gender, mental health, visibility and intersectionality. BAME LGBT Voices was made in partnership with Cherish Oteka, an alumni of Stonewall’s BAME/POC LGBTQ Role Models programme.

You can view the series here



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