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Watch this space introduces new faces and new voices. This month we met up with Aaron Lambert to hear about his one-man show ‘Candid’

BlackOutUK: Who are you?

Aaron: Someone trying to be the best they can be.

B: Where are you from? 

Aaron: Birmingham.

B: And where are you really from? 

Aaron: Lol. My grandparents were born in Jamaica

B: Don’t you hate that your first answer isn’t ever enough for some people – is that what Candid is about? 

Aaron: When I moved to London I use to hate it but now I’m just prepared to answer in a way which ends further questioning.

CandidImage2 (2)CandidImage1.jpeg

B: What inspired you to create Candid?

Aaron: My life. My struggles. Also for a long time, a deep desire to have a real conversation.

B: This is your first show. How did you get to this point?

Aaron: I was doing what I wasn’t supposed to be doing for a long time and had to pay the price for that. I didn’t want to pay it no more. So I made a new choice. Put my pride aside and asked for help. Fortunately someone gave me that chance.

B: Why should our readers come and see Candid?

Candid is about a journey with self and all the other institutions and groups of people that we have to encounter along the way. I believe everyone black or white, straight or gay can take something from this show.

B: Who should our readers bring with them to see the show?

Aaron: Family. Friends. A loved one. Everyone!

B: How can they get hold of tickets?

Aaron: Just visit the Canada Water Theatre website –

B: What have you learned so far in putting Candid together?

Aaron: That I am my biggest obstacle and my mind is an amazing, complex place.

B: What’s next for Aaron Lambert – any plans for a tour?

I just want to complete Candid first. Let me complete this task and whatever the universe offers after that we shall see…

B: Do say . . .

What you feel

B: Don’t say . . .

What you don’t believe.

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