BlackOut LIVE!



One thing we’ve learned from Lockdown . . .keep learning!

We’re going to take until 10pm to fix the gremlins before coming back with our next set. Until then you can listen to this brilliant set from Terry T Rex without the stuttering

Get Down on Lockdown

We’re fixing the gremlins, exorcising the ghosts in the machine and will be back at 10pm with an exclusive new song and video project – ‘Might Need A Witness’ from Mike Scott-Harding. 

Then the crew from Berlin – Ratchet are on standby to restart the party 

Learning – Living – Winning . . .

. . . but not yet

. . . because you deserve better than that!

Despite our best efforts, it seems that the promises made by the tech guys and gals hasn’t been up to the task they way we worked it out.

The great news is that the talent is not diminished nor the music. So we’re going to work it out and then come back to you – because the party CANNOT end this way!

So an hour of the brilliant DJ Biggy C for now – and we’ll be back – very soon – to pick up where we left off

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