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At the end of my post yesterday  On Moonlight and Reading Critical Reviews  I assert the importance of reading Black gay writers and how the words I read take on a different meaning when I believe the writer possesses a meaningful awareness of my perspective. Is this true for you? Let see! Over the next month BlackOut wants to encourage viewers to read the words and ideas of Black gay men who had something to say in 2016. We begin a series called #BlackOutUKfundamentals; shortened from the long ass #  I put in the article I posted yesterday.  Using this notified # to tweet articles,  the series runs from now and particularly we want to build up excitement and momentum for the BlackOut Launch Events Moonlight at the Ritzy on Thursday 9th February at 9pm and the Moonlight Celebration Event on the 12 February at 7.30pm at the Upstairs at Ritzy.

The first article written by Rob Smith, rob-smithan Iraq War veteran and LGBT activist: 10 Reasons It’s Awesome to Be a Black Gay Man offers some insight and humor. Obviously there are far more than just 10. ease-on-down-the-roadBut we thought we would lightly ease into the series;  similar to easing on down the road. Sorry I couldn’t help myself!  On the Facebook Page we hope  you’ll want to comment on this and other  articles included in the series; and offer some articles of your own. Please let us know what you think and more generally what value you place on reading the words and ideas of Black gay writers.


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