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  • invitation to clubland

    invitation to clubland

    How can we create sustainable, affirming, and transformative spaces that enable us to live our best lives? AN INVITATION TO CLUBLAND is our proposal for funding and partnerships that will make space for us to connect, create and care 2024-2029


    Together with members and friends we explored the past, present and future of Black queer spaces in London, with online and in person events over LGBT+ History Month. Here’s what we learned … #makingspaceforus


    When asked what obstacles exist for those seeking to create Black Queer spaces at our ‘A Place For Us?’ event last month, Akeil from Queer Bruk stated simply, ‘We have to turn up for each other’. If we believe that a Black queer renaissance is possible, it seems to be a basic requirement. Here are…

  • EVENT: A Place for Us? Black, Queer, Where?

    What is it that we pass along to them or do they, too, need to start from scratch? Joseph Beam, Making Ourselves From Scratch, Brother To Brother Sexile is the latest descriptor I have seen for the phenomenon. The enduring attraction of the city to the ready-to-cross-boundaries queer person. There are versions of this story…