invitation to clubland

How can we create sustainable, affirming, and transformative spaces that enable us to live our best lives?

AN INVITATION TO CLUBLAND is our proposal for funding and partnerships that will make space for us to connect, create and care 2024-2029

An invitation to Clubland by BLKOUT_UK

Add your voice and support to the pitch

If you complete a recording for the pitch by the end of September 2023, you will be able to claim a special edition Brother to Brother T-shirt


2 responses

  1. Trooy Fairclough avatar

    I welcome and support this funding proposal by BlackoutUK

    I would like to see a space where Black, gay, men could explore, express, and develop their creativity free from prejudice and discrimination.

    A space where there could be regular showcases and events that would stimulate new audiences.

    For me, the arts, and creativity are engaging, healing and empowering

  2. Mike Scott-Harding avatar

    Sorry, Rob
    I might have missed the deadline for recording a message.
    I want to create and run a workshop for Black gay males that deals with unlocking ‘creativity’ within a public space.
    The emphasis will be on ‘well-being’; specifically, using a song, poem, spoken-word piece (etc) as a spring-board for exploring creativity and promoting greater self-expression.
    The performance piece can be self-written or existing material.
    The only prerequisite is the willingness to ‘play’, and explore ‘sound & vision’.

    I also wish to host and perform selections from my catalogue of original songs – or suitable covers – during any BlackOut event that I am available for.

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