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  • invitation to clubland

    invitation to clubland

    How can we create sustainable, affirming, and transformative spaces that enable us to live our best lives? AN INVITATION TO CLUBLAND is our proposal for funding and partnerships that will make space for us to connect, create and care 2024-2029


    Is 2023 when we start to be at the centre of our own narratives, creating spaces in our image and in response to our needs? Are we ready? Join us online for part 2 of our #placeforus conversation at 7pm TONIGHT Feb 15

  • EVENT: A Place for Us? Black, Queer, Where?

    What is it that we pass along to them or do they, too, need to start from scratch? Joseph Beam, Making Ourselves From Scratch, Brother To Brother Sexile is the latest descriptor I have seen for the phenomenon. The enduring attraction of the city to the ready-to-cross-boundaries queer person. There are versions of this story…

  • WATCH: INVESTMENT IN US – stronger together

    All we want, for Christmas and beyond – 3 things you can do to help us build community and transform lives