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We are responsible for the world in which we find ourselves, if only because we are the only sentient force which can change it

At the time of year when thousands of children’s letters to Santa itemise the desires of youthful hearts, BLKOUT has also been articulating all we want, for Christmas and beyond. Unlike those children we will not be sending any missives to the North Pole, nor expecting a reindeer delivered, stocking-full in response. Our requests ask for gifts, but not from Santa – the gifts we are after are those of connection, care, and commitment from our friends, neighbours, peers, and siblings. After all, we have (often) been good boys!

Back in October, we shared our emerging plans to invest our collective energy, expertise and experience into launching our ‘Community Accelerator’ We have had some fascinating conversations about the potential of the suggested programme and are excited to be presenting proposals for partnership, funding and delivery to a wide range of leaders, changemakers, and innovators.

Developing the detail of what this set of social interventions might deliver, this short video returns to our ‘spirit guide’, Jason, a Black queer man. Ultimately, the impact of this work will be judged through the changes we make to our lives as a result. Engaging imagination of a better future, in this video, we present the Community Accelerator from the perspective of Jason – what difference could this work mean for him?

Jason. . . accelerated?

Our engagement with you over the years has taught us to focus on connection before content. In this spirit, rather than present a wish list of material goods, services, or particular talents, the request for those who would like to commit to acts of solidarity with Black queer men on our journey towards liberation, are less specific, and therefore more far ranging.

Through three deceptively simple requests we are emphasising the importance of relationships to the transformation that we seek to bring about together.

For our Black queer brothers, the three requests for support, are more challenging. They reflect the work we all need to undertake to heal, to make reparation, and to let go of the past to make way for future flourishings.

In this season for giving, I hope we can be generous enough to forgive that part of ourselves we see in each other and despise. We can find ourselves responding to our own failures to consistently attain the levels of #BlackExcellence set out for us in lives over-influenced by the constant scroll of social media fantasy. Being generous with ourselves first, may enable us to look more favourably on time spent in community with our Black queer siblings. The end of year is an ideal time to review how much more of our time and talents we might gainfully invest in #makingspaceforus and transforming our futures.

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