When asked what obstacles exist for those seeking to create Black Queer spaces at our ‘A Place For Us?’ event last month, Akeil from Queer Bruk stated simply, ‘We have to turn up for each other‘. If we believe that a renaissance is possible, it seems to be a basic requirement, that we are interested in each other and support each other’s efforts where possible.

Scanning various invitations and event calendars it is clear that there has been an upsurge in activity. It is great to see such an exciting range of events and opportunities to meet, connect, and share with each other. There are a couple of BLKOUT events in the mix. I hope to see you at any of the events that you can make. If you cannot attend – do spread the word. The renaissance starts with us. The time is now.

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As a treat from The Gate Theatre, BLKOUTHUB members are invited to see ‘Bootycandy’, at a performance aimed at an exclusively Black audience. Join the app to be part of what will be a special event.