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On Sunday 29 March – members of the BlackOut Collective presented an online discussion, ‘Living with Miss Rona

Many thanks to Nalla, Nzube, Francis and Romeo for hosting an excellent start to the programme of online events that we will be hosting while on coronavirus lockdown.

For those who were able to attend, I’m sure that, like me, you managed to gather some useful insights and information on how we can limit the disruption to our lives and wellbeing, while minimising risks during this period.

They also showed the power of us coming together to share knowledge, skills and fellowship in times such as these. Capturing perfectly the mission of BlackOut UK – by making space for us.

Here, they share a list of resources as promised:

Covid19 Updates & Guidance 

UK latest figures 

Coronavirus map 

What you need to do 

Guidance on support for vulnerable individuals 

World statistics to help put things into perspective

Government entitlements

Government ban on evictions

Getting a universal credit advance 

Government Job retention scheme

Business, investments, and finance opportunities 

Stock market summary with Empire Financial Research

Weekly business news articles

Property investment opportunities with Shane & Carl (Wealth Group)

Wellbeing and education

Daily tips for wellbeing

Free EU course on coping with anxiety during a pandemic

Planning for emergencies (Carers UK) 

Mental health helplines

Confidential helpline  (Listening line)

Some online physical exercise resources

Insta – @barryuk; @creatinggoodfortune; @puregym

NHS Staying at home tips

NHS volunteer responders 

Free online courses with Open University

Free Ivy League online courses with Class Central

Finland is making its online AI crash course free to the world

Have your say on the programme of online events that BlackOut is creating so that we can support each other during the COVID19 lockdown. Download The BlackOut HUB and complete this quick survey to let us know what you would like to take part in or, if you have the time, to help to organise.


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