Watch This Space: Qmmunitypod’s Kevin Morosky



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Watch this space introduces new faces and new voices coming out of the quiet. This month we met up with Kevin Morosky to hear about the Qmmunity podcast after their successful debut show

BlackoutUK: Who are you?

I’m Kevin Morosky, advertising creative, film director, and executive producer of Qmmunity podcast.

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B: Where are you from?

Kevin: South London (we tank gard!)

B: Why Qmmunitypod, and why now?

I saw an opportunity to create something that could create a bridge between all the queer spaces. Safe spaces are important for sure, but we definitely need a space where we can all be represented & heard.

B: What difference will it make?

Hopefully it will help cultivate a real sense of community.

B: How did you get into the creative industries?

I love telling stories, so photography and making film were natural callings. My work attracted the attention of brands, but I didn’t like the narrow cultural thinking or the lack of diversity of representation I was required to work with and promote. So, I decided to become the one creating the ideas.

Diversity, alongside feminism, and in particular anything supporting women of colour, is at the top of my agenda. There are parts of myself that I haven’t used my skill set to champion, so when the opportunity to create something that connected the LGBTQ world came around it was a no-brainer.

An opportunity to learn a few things, make new connections and be part of creating a whole kind of new safe space. Exciting.


B: How can our readers get involved?

Come to the live shows, the first one was sold out (yay!), but we have 4 more –



Also drop us an email, a DM on any of our socials, there’s so much for everyone to get involved with.

Email us at or get in touch via twitter or instagram  @Qmmunitypod

The podcast is just the beginning.






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