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In 2010, Big Up @ GMFA Project Manager and filmmaker, Jaime Sylla, embarked on a quest to amplify the stories of Black Gay men – the result was ‘Beyond Labels’. The film focused on testimonies from four men – Ted, Vernal, DJ and Christian – at different life stages. Jaime’s light-touch production enabled them to share their experiences, hopes and dreams directly with the audience. Challenging the silences that acted as a constraint on their liberation, the participants give compelling, often humorous, and sometimes sobering accounts of coming out, creating community, racism, homophobia, and sexual health.


Supported by National Lottery funding, the film premiered at the BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, and then toured the country with a series of community screenings and discussions. The film was then used as a resource to encourage conversations with the broader LGBT and Black communities. Screenings that year also included a showing in Croydon Area Gay Society (CAGS) Black History Month programme

Do you remember seeing ‘Beyond Labels’ in 2010? What in your view has changed since? Join the conversation


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