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I joined because I wanted to be white . . .”

Opening line, G Turawa, THE BLACK COP

We are delighted to be welcoming the team behind BAFTA nominated short film, The Black Cop, to Black Men Who Brunch on Sunday 27th Feb.

Director, Cherish Oteka, and the film’s protagonist G Turawa, are joining us to discuss both the process of making the film, and the issues that G’s powerful story raises about ‘race’, identity and our personal responses to life in a society scarred by white supremacist ideologies.

Watch the film, in advance of our discussions on Sunday. They have agreed to take questions and are keen to respond to the issues that YOU think are important.

If you can make it to Brunch, there are still non-dining tickets available.

We will also be livestreaming some of the discussion on the BLKOUT HUB

Your questions

Having watched the film, if you would like to ask a question of G or Cherish, here’s your chance. Simply click reply, below to ask a question in video, audio or text format . . .



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  1. PETER FLEMING avatar

    This is in the fly 00:15 27 Feb
    I love you G

    I’m grateful you made this film

    I’m not sure whether my feeling to ask ask is based on identification with my Britishness queerness or sense of duty to ensure that conversation flows forward for us U from such powerful uncovering

    I want to ask do you now think the vastness of our vulnerability as deeply scarred and still largely not understood in a conventional sense demographic of individuals in society has been and remains an issue around this conversation as to do with [policing]

    For me it’s about the perennial undeserving quick fix [hot topic] approach and how now, post Brexit we need depth at lay non academic level in the work that is

    I would be glad if you just said fuk off everyone, do your own homework because I still struggle with the minority / racialised person’s necessity in our society which seems to involve swimming with sharks..which we do and actually survive 💖🙏🏽

    Thanks to the film team too their thoughts accordingly on ‘ the film aspect/ industry ‘ how we now or did contend might be interesting to hear..

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